How to stick it to your wall

STEP 1: Position the decal

Position your vinyl sheet on the wall by taping the top edge of the vinyl sheet with some masking tape to the wall, so it hangs down.

STEP 2: Remove the backing

Flip the vinyl sheet upwards, revealing the back, so you can slowly peel off the backing. Be careful not to peel some of the design with it.

STEP 3: Rub the design onto the wall

Carefully drop the vinyl sheet back onto the wall. Use some kind of hard but gentle edge to firmly rub over the front to secure the design onto your wall. Work out from the center of the design.

STEP 4: Peel of the front

Carefully peel off the front sticker and you’re done! When it comes time to remove your vinyl design use the heat of a blow dryer to soften the vinyl which makes it easier to peel off.